Pyrrha-Arm With Wings Crest Necklace

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Arm With Wings Crest

The End Crowns the Work Talisman Necklace (Arm With Wings Crest)

This handcrafted talisman necklace features an arm with an arrow which represents a warrior, the wings protection in battle. The Latin motto reads ‘Finis Coronat Opus’, or ‘The End Crowns the Work’.

Each Pyrrha talisman is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal and is handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.

We hope that you find a talisman that inspires you and helps to remind you of the things that are important in your life. Each handmade piece is accompanied by a hand torn meaning card.

This pendant is approx. 1 3/8” x 1 1/2”